OTTB - From Racetrack to Ready...

We are now accepting applications for potential beta-testers, and their OTTBs, to join us on this 12 week journey

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2 private calls, 12 personal weekly check ins and personalised feedback, 3 live group calls, a private group, fortnightly video & audio training...

Semi private coaching for 12 full weeks that will give your horse a head start when it comes to making a successful transition from the track, to his new career. 

My goal is that by week 12, both you and your horse have created a solid foundation, based on communication both in and out of the saddle, that you can build on for years to come.

And all Beta Testers who successfully complete the program will receive life-time access, which will also include all updates and bonuses added later. 


  • You have a horse who has had very little basic training since retirement from the track (how long the horse has been off the track is not that important)
  • You can ride compentently enough to walk, trot and canter 'with your horse', unaided. It would be an added benefit if you have past experience with groundpoles
  • You can commit to working with your horse at least 4 times per week over the 12 weeks
  • You have access to a basic arena (or flat enclosed area) to exercise your horse as well as some poles (basic equipment)
  • You are willing to submit fortnightly feedback via a survey
  • You are willing to sit down with Lorna at the end of the 12 weeks on video to discuss your experiences
  • You are ready to make a small investment of $10 per week for the 12 weeks, to be part of the program and receive this exclusive coaching


The program begins on Tuesday 5th of June 2018 and runs until 28 August 2018.

Because I want to test this for 'real life conditions', we realise that there may be weeks here or there where the 4 days a week are not possible. 

That is fine, however we want those weeks to be the exception, rather than the rule. 

There will be one 'module' every fortnight for you to work on and then provide feedback on afterwards. 

I realise that life is busy, so rather than giving you massive amounts of content to sift through, I want to rather 'coach' you through the 12 weeks with your horse.

Content will be directly from Daily Strides Premium or new content that will be created to fill the needs for this type of training experience. 


Due to the personalised nature of this program, spaces are very limited. 

I am looking for riders who are ready and able to make the commitment to working with me over 12 weeks to reschool and reset their wonderful thoroughbred. 

Their is a financial investment of $120, which breaks down to $10 per week. This is to make sure that the riders who are with me, are as invested as I am in completing the 12 weeks and helping their horse. 

There is also a time investment required. Every fortnight, in order to proceed to the next module, there will be a short survey to be completed. 

So, with all that being said... 

Are you ready?